Water systems in schools, colleges and universities are unused for long periods of time – particularly over the summer break, which provides the perfect breeding ground for legionella.

Many school buildings, both public and private contain old, adapted water systems, creating long pipe-runs and dead-legs – again perfect for Legionella bacteria to grow in water.

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We can offer you a tailored programme of monitoring and remedial maintenance to ensure ongoing and consistent compliance with legislation.
As part of this regime, the following system components should be checked regularly:

  • Hot and cold water outlets
  • Sentinel outlets
  • Cold water storage tanks
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs)
  • Flow and return temperatures on hot water systems
  • Calorifiers and hot water cylinders
  • De-scaling and disinfection of shower heads and hoses
  • Flushing of little used outlets
  • Water softener servicing

This is an excellent way to monitor exactly how much water you're using throughout the day and night.

By logging regular readings every 15 minutes you are able to build an understanding of how your water is being used and when. This will allow you to easily identify potential leaks on your network which may result in a large water bill.

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