How to get your business ready for winter

With summer a pleasant, but fading, memory winter is now inching ever closer, bringing with it the inevitable freezing temperatures and bad weather. For businesses this can mean risk as snow, flooding and other bad weather mean that the chances of disruption and additional costs are increased.

The good news is that there are some simple things that businesses can do to prepare for winter to help mitigate these risks.

Here are our top nine tips to help make your business more resilient so that it can trade with minimal disruption whatever the weather throws at us.

  1. Now is the time to sort out any postponed repairs. From a dripping tap to an overdue boiler service, it’s best to sort out problems now rather than trying to call out a plumber when everyone else is too.
  2. To reduce the risks of a burst pipe, which can cost around £5,000 to repair, make sure that pipes in cold areas such as around windows and in basements are insulated.
  3. Know where the internal stopcock is and make sure you can turn it off if required.
  4. Consider installing strategic shut off valves that can isolate parts of the site so that, if there is a problem, it can be quickly isolated and repaired rather than requiring a complete shutdown.
  5. Consider installing sub meters to various buildings to monitor water flows. This gives early warning of leakage allowing faster repairs thus saving on increased water charges
  6. Insulate outdoor taps or turn them off at the stop tap if not needed.
  7. Consider taking expert advice on how your site could use alternative water sources and water efficiency devices to improve resilience in the event of extreme bad weather such as this year’s Beast from the East.
  8. Create an action plan containing key contacts such as your water wholesaler, insurers and repairers. Make sure that this plan is communicated to your team so that everyone knows what they should do in the event of an incident.
  9. Arrange to fit data loggers to your meters, turning them into smart meters. You can have on-line access to water flows giving you an instant view of leakage and burst pipes. This will allow you to arrange repairs straight away
If you need any help with getting your business ready for winter, we're here to help. Simply use the form below to request an appointment.