Top Tips to Help Your Business Reduce Its Consumption

Water is the driving force of all nature.  Leonardo da Vinci

Pouring-water-into-glass.jpgWater resources are under pressure because of climate change, population growth and a change in how we live our lives.  It’s very important that we all use water mindfully to ensure there is enough to go around.

Smaller water and wastewater bills will improve your bottom line. By reducing your water consumption, you can reduce your bills, improve your carbon footprint and generate positive PR for your business.

Small, simple changes can make a difference, and they all add up!

We’ve put together some top tips to help your business reduce its consumption:

  • Check your water meters at night when there shouldn’t be any usage.  If the meter is spinning or you think your bills are unusually high – you may have a leak.  Consider purchasing a logger to track your water consumption patterns 24/7 online or talking to your retailer or a plumber about leakage detection options
  • Engage with your workforce and encourage them to change their habits.
    • Don’t leave taps running. If the hot tap is left running, then you’re also wasting energy from heating the water too
    • Ask them to highlight any potential leaks they’ve noticed
  • Install water saving devices throughout your business:
    • Push button taps only deliver a finite amount of water and can’t be left running
    • Hippo bags in your toilets can save an average of 2.5 litres per flush
    • Waterless urinals can be expensive to install, but save a huge amount of water over the course of a year
  • Make sure all your pipes are lagged. The UK’s weather pattens cause your pipework to expand and contract, which makes it susceptible to leaks. By lagging the pipework, you can help reduce the stress on your pipework during extreme weather conditions.
  • Purchase a water audit to see how efficient your water usage is and get recommendations on how to improve your water systems even further.
  • Think about how you could use your wastewater for recycling:
    • Do you collect your rainwater? This water is perfect for flushing toilets and watering
  • Look at alternative water sources. We can give you further advice on installing boreholes to help reduce your mains water usage and give you a contingency, should your main burst.

If you would like to know more details on how we can help you better manage your water usage and reduce your bills, please contact us below.

Richard Stanbrook, Director says “we are experts in helping businesses to use less water so that they reduce both their water and wastewater bills, as well as improving their environmental credentials. We encourage all businesses of all sizes to look at their water consumption to conserve what is a precious commodity”.