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Providing the health, safety and hygiene of your water systems.

ACoP L8 Compliance

Legionella bacteria grows in warm water typically between 20 and 50 degrees centigrade, but proliferates fastest in stagnant water at 35 to 46 degrees centigrade.

At the heart of the Health and Safety Executive's ACoP L8 for legionella control  is to undertake a risk assessment of the entire water system and implement a scheme of control for water hygiene.

Sampling and Analysis

Normally, the routine analysis of domestic water systems is not recommended by the ACoP L8.

However, under certain circumstances, such as where the temperature regime cannot be maintained, the water testing service for legionella and other organisms is seen as being essential in the overall control of a system. 

Water Management Solutions

We can offer you a tailored programme of monitoring and remedial maintenance to ensure ongoing and consistent compliance with Health & Safety Executives Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) L8 and Technical Guidance HSG 274 & HTM 04-01 best practices.


Our Solution to Combatting legionella

We can undertake an assessment of your water systems, highlight any areas of potential risk and provide you with a detailed legionella risk assessment report.

We will make recommendations for the implementation of an effective monitoring and maintenance program including any legionella treatmtent and remedial works identified.

Where a risk assessment is already in place, we can review this for you or undertake an audit.

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Increasing hot water temperatures at outlets to over 50 degrees centigrade is necessary to control legionella bacteria, yet this can increase the risk of scalding.
TMVs will effectively avoid scalding, but must be correctly selected, installed, regularly serviced and maintained to prevent the proliferation of legionella.

TMV Servicing

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