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Legionella is a water-borne bacteria that thrives in stagnant water between 20 and 45 degrees Celcius. It can affect people who are over 50 years old or have existing diseases or poor immune systems. The Health & Safety Executive's Approved Code of Practice (L8) contains guidance to help businesses comply with legal duties for managing Legionella.

In most cases, a business would have a Legionella Risk Assessment in place. The Legionella Risk Assessment details control measures that have been implemented to help control Legionella.

One requirement of Legionella Risk Assessments is to flush water outlets and monitor their temperature regularly. This means running taps for two minutes and recording the temperature. This admin heavy process can be a high cost to businesses in time management.
It requires a staff member to go round every tap in a building, flush it, and record the temperature. This process is susceptible to human error, and the records need to be stored on-site for several years.

We’ve developed an automatic flushing unit and temperature monitoring sensor. These products are new to the market and can be controlled on an online platform from any computer or mobile device. This allows regular flushing and temperature recording to be scheduled for the needs of the business.

The unit is small, compact, and designed to fit any sink, shower, or designated sentinel tap using standard industry fittings.  It can provide weekly reports by email or online through the platform dashboard.

The system reports every fifteen minutes and does a flush test once or more a week depending on the schedule set. It is powered with a long-lasting battery pack that is easy to change.

If any temperatures within the system are not correct, alerts are sent out by email to the relevant people. The server also automatically monitors the individual units and alerts on their battery status and communications quality.

Key system benefits

  • Real-time monitoring and reporting of water outlets across multiple sites and buildings
  • Automated flushing routine at scheduled intervals - thus avoiding the need to have a staff member on-site to flush outlets manually
  • Reduced human error and better use of workforce time
  • Customised reports set up specifically for the needs of the user - from once a day to once per month
  • Automatic temperature testing and real-time reporting as per clients’ requirements
  • Alarm notifications if temperature thresholds reach trigger limits. So it lets you know before your pipes freeze.

The Management Platform



The dashboard can be accessed through any smart device where you can see a full overview of your installed products. You can schedule your flushing and temperature tests with ease. Your weekly reports are automatically generated and uploaded to your personal dashboard.

The dashboard is connected via the Orion Data Network. It provides real-time data and will alert you of any issues with the flushing and temperature testing routine.

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