Bournemouth Airport

13 Sept 2023

Land owned by Manchester Airport Group, comprising of Bournemouth International Airport and two large business parks, started life as a WWII airfield. AquaCare, using an e-metering tool, uncovered a higher consumption than would have been expected at the airport.

A Water Resource Management Study (WRMS) and a sophisticated leak detection survey uncovered three major leaks, one of which was dangerously close tothe parking apron. Repair teams diverted the main away from the apron, which enabled them to repair the major leaks. They also discovered a number of smaller leaks which they repaired simultaneously.

As a result, the nightline has dramatically reduced by over 100,000 cubic metres per year – equalling a saving of over £70,000 per year, not to mention protecting the environment.

The costs were recouped in just five months from water saved. But it doesn’t stop there - the impressive saving made by the identification and repair of major leaks does not address the forming of ongoing leaks, and so there was still unaccounted for leakage.

Using a water industry standard approach, Active Leakage Control Programme (ALC), Bournemouth Water Business are working with the Bournemouth Airport to quickly identify any ongoing leaks and reduce any further unnecessary waste.

“Bournemouth Water Business Services alerted us to the fact that our water consumption was much higher than it should be, using e-metering. We initially enjoyed a massive 70% reduction in our water bill per year and the cost of the repairs was very quickly recouped. And this saving will only increase, with the ongoing maintenance programme which is now in place.

They were very mindful of our Operational requirements, and there was only slight disruption to the airport - with not one flight being delayed or cancelled because of the repair works. We are extremely pleased with the outcome.”
Toby Rouse, Asset Manager

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