Chewton Glen

13 Sept 2023

A water leak at a prestigious five star hotel which would have cost £100,000 a year was fixed with a minimum of disruption after AquaCare staff worked quickly and effectively in order to get the job done.

After the luxury Chewton Glen Hotel, in Hampshire, had loggers fitted to monitor its water consumption, staff at AquaCare noticed a higher than expected level of usage at night when demand is usually at its lowest.

The company carried out a water audit to determine which parts of the site were using the greatest amounts of water. Parts of the hotel’s system were closed off at night so that guests were not inconvenienced in order to establish the area that the leak was located in. Sophisticated computer equipment was then brought in to pinpoint its exact location.

To remedy the situation, it was decided to divert the mains water supply away from the area of the leak with contractors carrying out the external work and skilled plumbers from AquaCare carrying out internal work.

Although the repair was a complex piece of work it was completed on time and with only a minimal amount of disruption to the hotel, which was able to maintain business as usual.

“It was a complex piece of work because it was a diversion, not just a repair but it was something that fixed the problem. Once it was done, the customer got payback in six months,” - Kevin North, Water Management Consultant

“When AquaCare alerted us to the fact that our water consumption was much higher than they would reasonably estimate given their knowledge of water usage in the hospitality industry, we were sceptical at first as this meant leakage on a large scale. However, after further discussion and investigation, we realised we did have a problem and then faced the challenge of identifying and fixing the leakage within a complex and ageing system, without disrupting the service to our guests.

AquaCare, the water management services arm of Bournemouth Water Business, quickly resolved the problem, providing an overall project management service for the remedial work which saw our consumption reduce by an impressive two-thirds on completion of the primary work. This is a fantastic result; for both Chewton Glen and for the environment,” -Alan Eames, Chewton Glen’s Finance Director

Chewton Glen is one of the country’s finest hotels with an award-winning spa, one of Europe’s largest hydrotherapy pools, fine dining restaurant and its own golf course. Since the leak was repaired, in 2014, the hotel has been working with AquaCare on an ongoing maintenance and renewal programme to ensure that its infrastructure remains in first-rate condition. AquaCare also provides water hygiene and legionella control services for the prestigious venue.

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