About Us

We're a water management specialist based in the South West who provide all water related works from Legionella Risk Assessments to network infrastructure enhancements. We're part of South West Water, whose parent company is Pennon Group plc who have assets of around £5.9 billion and a workforce of around 5,000 people and at the top end of the FTSE 250 index – so you know you’re in good hands.

We have over fifteen years’ experience providing water hygiene services, water treatment and water monitoring for businesses across the South, ensuring they are compliant with health and safety regulations – protecting their staff, customers and reputation.
We have a broad portfolio of customers including commercial, industrial and public sector organisations.  

Our skilled technicians are all directly employed, City & Guilds trained and advanced CRB checked as a condition of employment. They are backed up by a team of experienced administrators via a state-of-the art software designed for the field service industry.

We're registered with the Legionella Control Association to deliver all products and services with the exception of facilities management. A copy of the code of conduct and our certificate are available here.

Our range of water services

The problems caused by impure water are well-known, but while organisations tend to concentrate on high profile problems such as Legionella bacteria, this is only one of four areas that must be controlled, where corrosion, scale buuild-up and suspended solids must also be considered.

Water Hygiene

Including Legionella Risk Assessments, Asset Registers, Electronic log books, disinfection and monitoring.


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Water Treatment

Including treatment of cooling towers, boilers, humidifiers, hot and cold water and wastewater.


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Water Management

Including leak detection and repairs, auditing and billing, water softeners and efficiency.


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Commercial Heating

Including servicing, refurbishment and replacement of plant room, commercial boilers.


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Many school buildings, both public and private contain old, adapted water systems providing the perfect breeding ground for legionella.


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Care Homes and Hospitals

Residents of care homes and hospitals are vulnerable to contracting legionella due to their age, frailty and compromised immune systems.


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Leisure and Tourism

Holiday parks, hotels and sports centres with swimming pools, spas, restaurants and shower blocks all need to ensure their water is safe to protect their staff, customers and reputation.

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For most industrial facilities, clean water is vital as failure to provide correct water quality can lead to maintenance and repair.


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