About Us

At AquaCare, we have over fifteen years’ experience providing water hygiene services, water treatment and water monitoring for businesses across the South, ensuring they are compliant with health and safety regulations – protecting their staff, customers and reputation.

We have a broad portfolio of customers including commercial, industrial and public sector organisations.  

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Our range of water services

We offer a range of water hygiene, water treatment, water management and commercial plumbing and heating services designed to help you comply with the legislation and save you money.

Water Hygiene

Including Legionella Risk Assessments, monitoring and maintenance, electronic log books and cleaning and disinfection services.


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Water Treatment

Including treatment of cooling towers, boilers, humidifiers, wastewater and trade effluent.


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Water Management

Including leak detection and repairs, water audits, bill validation, water softening and water efficiency solutions.


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Commercial Heating

Including servicing, maintenance, refurbishment and replacement of plant, water tanks and commercial boilers.


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Our Key Sectors

We have a broad portfolio of customers including commercial, industrial and public sector organisations. Our key sectors comprise Education, Care Homes and Hospitals, Leisure and Tourism and Manufacturing.

Care Homes and Hospitals

Residents of care homes and hospitals are vulnerable to contracting legionella due to their age, frailty and compromised immune systems.


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Many school buildings, both public and private contain old, adapted water systems providing the perfect breeding ground for legionella.


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Leisure and Tourism

Holiday parks, hotels and sports centres with swimming pools, spas, restaurants and shower blocks all need to ensure their water is safe to protect their staff, customers and reputation.

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For most industrial facilities, clean water is vital as failure to provide good water quality can lead to maintenance and repair.


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