Water hygiene services for leisure and tourism

Hotels can have long periods, during low season, when their water system is unused and can attract bacteria.

Holiday Parks with swimming pools, spas, clubhouses, restaurants and shower blocks all need to ensure their water is safe to protect their residents, staff and reputation. Risk assessments can be carried out at any time, with any identified remedial works being carried out in low season.

Our customers in this sector include the prestigious Chewton Glen Hotel and Spa, Careys Manor Hotel and Oceana Hotels.

Please see below some our most popular value added services relating to the leisure and tourism sector:

This is an excellent way to monitor exactly how much water you're using throughout the day and night.

By logging regular readings every 15 minutes you are able to build an understanding of how your water is being used and when. This will allow you to easily identify potential leaks on your network which may result in a large water bill.


Undetected water leaks in pipework can end up costing your business thousands of pounds.

Old pipes, in poor condition can cause problems like flooding, loss of water pressure and an increased wastewater bill, as this is based on 95% of your water usage.

We can offer you a service which includes a leak survey, one day's leak detection and reinstatement.

This is an excellent way to monitor exactly how much water you're using

Everyone can reduce their water consumption by simple changes:

  • Locate and repair leaks
  • Renew float valves in tanks/cisterns
  • Toilets – flush volume displacement
  • Urinals – flush controls
  • Basins – flow reduction/automatic taps
  • Showers – nozzle design
  • Steam production – condensate return
  • Washing processes – looking at flow reduction/recycle/reuse
  • Water using processes/equipment
  • The use of non-potable water for irrigation.

Don't just take our word for it...

“When AquaCare alerted us to the fact that our water consumption was much higher than they would reasonably estimate given their knowledge of water usage in the hospitality industry, we were sceptical at first as this meant leakage on a large scale. However, after further discussion and investigation, we realised we did have a problem and then faced the challenge of identifying and fixing the leakage within a complex and ageing system, without disrupting the service to our guests.

AquaCare, the water management services arm of Bournemouth Water Business, quickly resolved the problem, providing an overall project management service for the remedial work which saw our consumption reduce by an impressive two-thirds on completion of the primary work. This is a fantastic result; for both Chewton Glen and for the environment,”

Alan Eames, Chewton Glen’s Finance Director

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