Water hygiene services for manufacturing

For most industrial facilities, clean water is vital as failure to provide correct water quality can lead to inflated production costs, escalating fuel costs and increasing down-time for maintenance and repair.

We carry out water hygiene services for two major food suppliers - PrepWorld fruit supplier in Kent and Pork Farms in Poole.

Please see below some our most popular value added services relating to the manufacturing sector:

AquaCare can help you manage your water resources better

We can carry out full water audits for your business - we will work with you to introduce effective technologies which will save you money on both your water and wastewater bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Undetected water leaks in pipework can end up costing your business thousands of pounds.

Old pipes, in poor condition can cause problems like flooding, loss of water pressure and an increased wastewater bill, as this is based on 95% of your water usage.

We can offer you a service which includes a leak survey, one day's leak detection and reinstatement.

We specialise in large, commercial boiler installations in plant rooms across the South. If your pipework is old, we can replace it with a state-of-the-art system.

If your boiler requires refurbishment or a service, we can do that too. All work is guaranteed and is carried out by our directly-employed team of experienced Gas Safe engineers. A complete after care service is also provided.

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