Following a risk assessment, certain assets may require regular servicing to ensure they remain safe and compliant.

We offer the following services:

Showerhead clean and disinfection

Routine water sampling is the most cost effective way to determine if the actual quality of the water in any premises is fit for purpose. We offer a full sampling and inspection service to cover any water system. Water samples are collected in appropriate bottles by our technicians and sent off to a UKAS accredited laboratory for analysis. The results are then reported back to our customers with recommendations for any required action.

Samples can be taken from cold water storage tanks, showers, calorifiers, water heaters, cooling towers, jacuzzis – in fact any hot and cold water system.

TMV servicing

Increasing hot water temperatures at outlets to over 50 degrees centigrade is necessary to control legionella bacteria, yet this can increase the risk of scalding.

TMVs are a device which will effectively avoid scalding to ensure that the water temperature is safe and comfortable. Hot and cold water is blended as it passes through a valve on its way to the tap, ensuring it’s at the optimum safe temperature when it reaches the water outlet.

Where a risk assessment recommends the fitting of TMVs, the strainers or filters should be inspected, cleaned, descaled and disinfected taking into account the manufacturers. TMV failsafe checks are also carried out six-monthly to ensure they are working correctly in the event of a water supply failure, where they may automatically shut off.

TMV servicing is of paramount importance particularly in schools and care homes and hospitals where the vulnerable and elderly are susceptible to scalding.

Cooling towers / steam boilers

Water within cooling towers or evaporative condensers is heated via heat exchanger, which is an ideal environment for Legionella bacteria to grow. So, this is a high-risk area for businesses and from specialist cleaning to water treatment and analysis we can guide you on how to ensure all health and safety requirements are satisfied.

Our specialist technicians are all qualified to work safely in confined spaces, the use of chemicals and legionella control.

See the HSE Executive guidance on the control of legionella bacteria in evaporative cooling systems.

Water softeners

We can supply and fit you a commercial water softener. Limescale can be left behind by hard water. It can cause scaling in your kettle, dishwasher and washing machine - as well as in your pipes and boilers - reducing their lifespan.

Softened water also benefits your skin and you will use 50% less soap and shampoo to produce a much better lather. Research has also shown that many skin conditions, including eczema benefit from less harsh water.

If you already have a water softener, we can service and repair it for you.

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