Bournemouth School

13 Sept 2023

When Bournemouth School suffered a winter heating pipe failure AquaCare was able to come up with a repair plan that saw work completed rapidly, without the need to close the school – and costing less than was expected.

The repair programme was a sizeable project that saw all of the below ground pipework at the grammar school disconnected and above ground pipework installed. This meant that AquaCare’s team of engineers needed to access pipes in all classrooms and corridors while allowing the day-to-day business of the school to continue around them.

Over the years that AquaCare has worked with Bournemouth School, Project Manager Tony Langlois has built a strong relationship with the school’s Premises Manager, Tony Player. Effective communication between the two meant that the school operated as usual, with areas where work was taking place cordoned off.

AquaCare engineers also took into account the school’s exam timetable and ensured that when exams were in progress, work was carried out away from these areas so that students and teachers were not disrupted.

“This was a big project that took about four months to complete. Some of it we were able to do during the school holidays but we did do some of the work during term time. I’ve got a long standing relationship with Tony (Player) so we talked regularly and often about what areas we could access so that the school could run as normal.”
Tony Langlois, Project Manager

“AquaCare were brilliant from the outset and came and surveyed and offered a complete solution within two weeks. Even better for us was that the job actually came in at below the expected cost and we were able to modify our heating controls to make it run more efficiently within the price.

“I would not hesitate in recommending AquaCare for any works. The levels of workmanship are high and carried out efficiently and their staff are well informed.”
Tony Player, Premises Manager

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