Water management Solutions

The extensive range of water management solutions which AquaCare can offer can complement and enhance the savings made by your water retailer.

This is an excellent way to monitor exactly how much water you're using throughout the day and night.

Many customers are unaware that their high water bills could be as a result of a long-standing leaks.  Their water pressure could be low, they could have prolonged wet areas in driveways, grass or internal walls.

By logging regular readings every 15 minutes you are able to build an understanding of how your water is being used and when. This will allow you to easily identify potential leaks on your network which may result in a large water bill.

If a leak is found, you could be eligible to a leak allowance from your wholesaler, to cover the cost of your lost water. (Terms and conditions apply). 


Boreholes are used in agriculture, industry, construction and for domestic use. Most water companies use them for water supply.

The benefits include self-sufficiency and a significantly reduced or non-existent water bill.
Up to 20,000 litres can be abstracted a day without a licence, and this can contribute to a saving of around £14,000 p.a. with a return on the original investment within 1 or 2 years.  


Rainwater Harvesting and Water Reuse

This involves the collection and distribution of rainwater for toilet flushing, irrigation and vehicle washing. Grey water initiatives take water from baths, wash basins, washing machines and dishwashers and use for toilet flushing.

Reinstatement of Old Wells and Springs

We have been working with customers to help them reinstate old wells or springs, bringing them back into use.

This means that thousands of extra litres of water will be available when supplies are interrupted, with a pump used to extract the water so it can be stored in tanks until it is required.

This offers them sustainability, a significant reduction in their water bills and a core part of their contingency planning.

This is an excellent way to monitor exactly how much water you're using


Everyone can reduce their water consumption by simple changes:

  • Locate and repair leaks
  • Renew float valves in tanks/cisterns
  • Toilets – flush volume displacement
  • Urinals – flush controls
  • Basins – flow reduction/automatic taps
  • Showers – nozzle design
  • Steam production – condensate return
  • Washing processes – looking at flow reduction/recycle/reuse
  • Water using processes/equipment
  • The use of non-potable water for irrigation.

We can supply and fit you a  commercial water softener.  Limescale can be left behind by hard water. It can cause scaling in your kettle, dishwasher and washing machine - as well as in your pipes and boilers -  reducing their lifespan.

Softened water also benefits your skin and you will use 50% less soap and shampoo to produce a much better lather.  Research has also shown that many skin conditions, including ezcma benefit from less harsh water.

We Can Repair your Existing Water Softener 

If you already have a water softener, we can service and repair it for you.

Remedial work is identified as part of the initial legionella risk assessment. The work may include such issues as non-compliance with the current Water Supply Regulations for example or the cold-water storage cistern (tank) does not conform as it has no vermin screens on the overflow.

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AquaCare can help you manage your water resources better

We can carry out full water audits for your business - we will work with you to introduce  effective technologies which will save you money on both your water and sewerage bills and reduce your carbon footprint.