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Your responsibility

Your drinking water reaches you via a connection from our water main. Our main is usually in the street and the small pipe that is connected to it, running to your property, is called the service pipe. The section of pipe from the main to the street boundary is called the communication pipe and belongs to us.

Where this isn’t the case we’ll advise you and explain. We usually have a stop tap or meter chamber on our communication pipe as close as possible to the street boundary.

The section of the service pipe that runs underground from our communication pipe into your premises is called the supply pipe and belongs to you (there are some exceptions where there’s no water main in the road outside your premises or where you share the supply with a neighbouring property and there’s only one connection to the main).

The supply pipe normally runs underground from the street boundary adjacent to our stop tap or meter to the stop tap inside your property. Although the supply pipe to your property may run through land and property that doesn’t belong to you, it is still your responsibility.

Indications of a leak

  • Unexplained high water bills: When you have not had any unusual activity in your home but have unexplained high water bills

  • High meter read/meter spinning: If no water is being used in the building, but the meter is spinning, it can be an early indication of a leak

  • Visible water/puddles: Other clear signs of a possible leak or leaks in the pipes are unexplained wet areas in the garden as well as sinkholes

  • Low water pressure: When you experience low water pressure but there is an assurance of water supply, this means that there is a problem in the water main or the pipes in your home. Disturbances in the line, including ruptured or clogged pipes, may reduce the pressure of the water that reaches your home

  • Water sounds: Bubbling noises from the toilet or sink, whistling from the pipes, banging, dripping and clanking may be signs that some of the pipes in your home are broken. You should always pay attention to any sounds coming from areas likely to experience water leaks.

How we can help - leak detection and repair service

Leaks are not always easy to locate, but we have experienced leak detection technicians who use computer aided techniques to accurately position the leak. This also means that our repair teams can keep the charge to a minimum as excavations can be expensive. Early detection and repair will minimise the increased charges you will be paying just for water to leak from your pipework.

We will follow up the detection with a full report and a cost for any repairs that need to be undertaken.

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