Non-mains drainage

There is currently some Environment Agency legislation surrounding wastewater which is not on mains drainage. From 1 January 2020 this legislation will be enforced and changes must be in place by that date, at the very latest – otherwise the Environment Agency may penalise you.

If you have a septic tank which empties into a stream, ditch or anything other than a correctly designed drainage field, you will have to make some changes and these are the options available to you.

  • Make a connection to the mains either by ‘gravity’ or by pumping
  • Install a drainage field – not a ‘soakaway’ a drainage field designed in accordance with BS 6297 building regs
  • Upgrade your septic tank system to a full, suitably designed sewerage treatment plant, which complies with the Environment Agency general binding rules.

Find out more about the general binding rules here.

If you’re unsure, please contact us or look at the general binding rules issued by the Environment Agency.

In light of these changes, we've partnered with an industry specialist with extensive experience of managing the design, manufacture and despatch of pump stations, sewerage treatment plants, rain water harvesting plants and much more!

So you know your in safe hands working with us when it comes to non-mains drainage.

Contact us now – this enforcement is only just over a year away, the time to act is now.

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